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Quilt ‘n Thyme

The Thyme Garden Herb Company

I visited this peaceful garden in Philomath, OR with some of my friends in mid-July.  They took me to lunch for my birthday then as a treat we stopped at The Thyme Garden Herb Company..

We really enjoyed having Maura, our granddaughter for a couple of weeks.   I’ve got a few trips we took with her to blog about still.

Since she left things are getting back to normal.  I’m working on a Judy Neimeyer quilt which I’ll use in December on my antique oak table.  It was constructed with paper piecing which is new to me.  Paper piecing is an amazingly accurate way to piece a quilt but takes some getting used to.  I’m not happy with some of the points, but I’m going to another Judy Neimeyer retreat in November so I’ll have a chance to learn from my mistakes.  Her patterns can be found at


I’m teaching myself free motion quilting.  Its a humbling experience.  I love doing it though and I’m slowly improving.

This is how I quilted the center points with a variegated gray/black thread by King Tut Threads.

I quilted the white points closely to add interest.

I’m working on the large red triangle areas now.  This shows my first feather design I added, using a paper pattern.

I’ll add more photos as I plow on through this quilt.  Its hard to accept my beginner imperfections but I keep telling myself that the only way I’ll improve is to tackle the quilt and do the best I can.

Bruce caught Harley and me sacked out on our front deck.  Theres nothings better than finding that perfect spot of sunshine to share with someone you love!

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