Winter White Cape

Just finished this crocheted cape.  Its a pattern I bought from Maggies’s Crochet like my granny square sweater. Its called “Long Hooded Crochet Pattern” and sells for $8.99.

I used Lion Brand Fishermen’s Wool, worsted weight yarn.  I found the directions clear and easy to follow.  HOWEVER, there is an error.   The top buttonhole is not spaced to the next buttonhole like the rest of the buttonholes.  It looked terrible when I put the buttons on.  I ended up sewing the top buttonhole shut.

This shows the buttonhole spacing before I sewed the top one shut.(The blue line is a plastic needle I used to show me the right side)

I have a problem with any company that asks this much for a pattern with errors. In any event, if I make this cape again, and I may, I’ll skip the top buttonhole all together.  I have narrow shoulders and the neck fits well without the top buttonhole, so I would advise anyone else to do the same.

I doubt if I’ll use the hood unless I’m caught in a total downpour but it looks nice from the rear.

In order to prevent stretching I went around the arm openings with single crochet.

I expected to have to wet and block this sweater but it hangs so nicely I didn’t.  That says a lot about the pattern.  If a perfect pattern were 5 stars I’d give this one a 3 because of the buttonhole problem.  When looking at a sweater you’re eye is automatically drawn to the buttons.  When they are spaced wrong it looks terrible and reflects on the person who crocheted the sweater.

Freida’s Flowers

I’ve decided to get back to an unfinished afghan I had stashed in the closet.  This pattern, Freida’s Flowers can be found at:

Its a beautiful and popular pattern.  I posted this picture of one of my squares back in Aug. 2016, and its had over 750  reshares on Pinterest.

This is how far I got.  Time to get back to it!

Last time I remember working on this was in Montana.  Big Sky Country!!

Lots of other pics on my other site:

Ran across this on my photos when digging up the afghan pictures:  So no matter what you are going through today just remember:

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