The Eclipse is Coming!


According to this report on a website about viewing in Oregon, the coast is not the place to be to see the eclipse on August 21st.

eclipsophile.com that the Willamette Valley offers a very good chance of sunshine on eclipse day and an even better forecast for sunshine in the Deschutes River Valley in the vicinity of Madras, indeed the best location anywhere along the eclipse path for clear skies in August. Although a view of the eclipse from a beach would be spectacular, avoid the Oregon coast and its summer marine layer unless the short-term weather forecast confidently predicts the absence of morning fog or cloud cover. Although Illinois and Kentucky experiences up to 40 seconds more of totality, Oregon is an exceptional choice to witness the total solar eclipse. After all, two minutes of totality is vastly better then two minutes and 40 seconds of darkened clouds!

However, the tourists are still coming.

According to the Newport News the rangers at Yaquina Head Lighthouse are expecting up to 5,000 people to the park.  The Oregon National Guard is sending troops to the Depot Bay area, which is going to be the first place total darkness will hit land in the US.  All of the local clinics and hospitals are manning up to handle emergencies.  Stories abound about gas stations that may run out of gas and Fred Meyer, a popular variety and grocery store, is offering 24 hour shifts to its employees.  We talked to a state park ranger who said they are opening camping in many areas that are off limits any other time and the park staff will be required to sleep and stay at the parks for the entire week.  I heard one commentator on the local radio say it will be like Woodstock.

Waldport is on the outer edges of viewing the eclipse in total darkness.  We have our glasses and plan to stay home, but I’ll wander down to the beach to get some photos.  Even if its foggy the darkness will provide for some eerie beach pictures.

So looking forward to when the sun

And the moon

Cross paths over Waldport!

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