Summer Skies

Maura and Harley running on the beach

This is the view out of my window today.

I may not see the ocean today, but the sound of the waves are just as loud and soothing as ever.

So I thought it would be uplifting to look at some of the other photos I took this summer.  Most we took when Maura was visiting in July, but some are more recent.

The same view out my window of a striking sunset
The sad remains of a fishing boat that ran aground on our beach. The captain had fallen asleep after being out alone for two days.

Cape Perpetua State Park


Feeding the Baby
Baby tiger was loving Maura’s shoes

Oregon Coastal Aquarium

Shore Acres State Park

Smokey Sunset from fires near Tillamook

We started redoing our deck last week.  Power washed and ready to go, but have to wait till next week when the sun is supposed to come out so we can stain it.

Hope everyone has a great Friday!  I’m retired but I still remember how wonderful Friday night felt.  Two full days without that alarm clock!  Go make some memories to share on Monday!

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