Finding Frida’s Flowers


Have you ever taken a long hiatus from a project, then had to figure out where you left off?  That’s where I’m at with my Frida’s Flower Afghan.  Its a beautiful pattern and I’ve put a lot of work in it so I need to finish it.  This free pattern was offered by Stylecraft and is still available here:

Each motif has its own pattern.  This is the diagram for #4.  I checked off each completed number after comparing to the afghan I’ve put together so far.

These are the motifs I haven’t attached to the afghan yet.  I’ve completed all of #4 and started two #5’s.

So now I know I’ve got to finish the #5s which according to the above diagram are to be attached before the #4’s.

Tomorrow I’ve got to figure out the color yarns I’ve used.  I didn’t write a color guide because I was totally involved with it at the time and would have known the colors.  I still have all the yarns but they’re scattered into different boxes in my closet because of the move.  After I figure out the colors I’ve got to get reacquainted with the pattern and finish up #5.  Looking forward to the challenge!

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