Simple Composting

I’ve been composting for years.  I’m not scientific about it, but what I do works.  The soil here is typical for any coastal area, sandy.  In my last home we had hard adobe clay.  Both need a lot of amending.  If I had a running total of all the money I’ve spent over the years on garden soil, amendments and fertilizers I’d probably shock myself.  I’ve never found I can make enough compost to rely completely on it for all my planting needs, but it does make a difference.  I’ve had fancy composing bins in the past, but I have a fairly small yard now and just have a hole in the ground where I put my kitchen greens and dead leaves.  I can tell its working because when I turn the compost I see lots of fat worms,  something I never saw in the dirt when we first moved here eight months ago.

I bought this inexpensive container at Walmart last spring.  Its intended use was an ice bucket.  It has a tight lid and keeps the smells contained, as long as I empty it every 2 days and wash it well.  I do need to add a little Clorox every once awhile and soak it to keep it smell free.

I only save coffee and tea grounds, egg shells, and fruit and vegetable waste.  I don’t want the flys or smell that go with meat or fats.

Every other day I empty my bucket into the food processor and add a little water.  After processing for a few seconds I’m ready to go.

Yummy dummy for the worm’s tummy!

I take the mess outside along with any coffee or tea grounds I have and add to the compost pile.  I cover with dead leaves and wet well.

You are supposed to have a 3-1 ratio of brown to green in your compost pile so I’m constantly adding dead leaves and needles to the pile as well.  I turn the pile every once in awhile as well, but don’t worry too much about doing this.  Just left alone, the mess will decompose and the worms will do their thing and soon good dirt will be there waiting for me.  I will add a few bags of sterile manure in the fall to provide some nitrogen to the mix for fertilizer.  That’s it!  Simple composting!

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