Quilting Block Party by Leah Day


Last winter I decided I to quilt a king sized quilt I’d pieced myself instead of taking it to a long arm quilter.

I’d never made a quilt before, but I started BIG!  I got on the computer and tried to find videos on quilting a large quilt on a home sewing machine.  I found Leah Day.  https://leahday.com/I viewed some of her videos on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/lcvday 

I decided to purchase her video on quilting a king sized quilt.https://leahday.com/products/quilting-a-king-on-your-home-machine

It was very helpful in getting  the quilt done and I really liked her teaching style.  Its relaxed and detailed.  Very good qualities in a teacher.  I ended up quilting it with my walking foot but was interested in learning free motion quilting.

It was January and she had just started a Quilt of the Month for 2017.

2017 Machine Quilting Block Party

I ordered the first square and pieced it.  Then began the free motion quilting.  Oh my goodness!  Hard!  Tough!  Impossible!  Frustrating!  This was new territory for me.  If you have been sewing for years and suddenly go rouge by lowering those feed dogs and driving the machine free hand its a scary road to drive!

I was unhappy with the white on black border.  It really showed my beginner stitching.

I decided that I either had to change my thread color or change my colors.  I decided to go with a different color scheme.  I put the first two squares I’d made down to practice.  I also did practice, and practice and practice on scrap fabric and by doing 31 feathered sashing pieces.

Then back to the blocks:

Here are the first 5 squares


I need to get caught up with the June, July and August blocks and then begin putting it all together. I’m so happy I decided to do this Quilt along with Leah Day.  She has a Facebook Page set up for everyone that are making the quilt.  Its called Machine Quilting Block Party.  Its nice sharing each square with other people all over the world who are making the same quilt.  Its amazing seeing all the different color schemes people have come up with.  She has provided many very detailed videos on YouTube for each step of the quilt.  Thank you Leah!  Its been a kinda fun learning to Sew Rogue!

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  1. Leah is a great instructor. The FMQ really will get easier if you just keep at it. And the quilting errors don’t show much one it is finished and washed.

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