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I posted this pic at the end of my post yesterday but feel it deserves top billing. From Siuslaw National Forest.

I try not to get wordy in my posts but I feel this is an important thing to talk about.  I’ve been thinking a lot about the audience I want to talk to in this blog.   I admit I haven’t had goals for it.  I’ve been trying to reach a large audience by stabbing in the dark to see what posts are picked up and which are ignored.   I’m far from figuring out where I want to go with Seabreeze Snippits but I have identified my target audience.  It will be women like me, women who are retired or are empty nesters.  We have time now in our lives to learn new skills, get back into shape, read, and travel. But the problem for us is that its hard to get out and try a new skill.  I’ve run into this with quilting.  Most of the women in my guild are in their 60’s and 70’s.  They’ve been quilting since the 1980’s.  They know it all and have made it all.  Then there is me.  A beginner.  A stranger in their midst.  Its hard for me but they have been kind and gracious with their advice.  Yes, its hard but  I’ll go to their meetings, I’ll admire their work and I’ll ask lots and lots of questions.  I’ll even take my work for them to critique.  I need them so I can grow in this endeavor.   I encourage other women like me to put yourself out there like I’m doing.  You are my target audience.  You are my friends.  You are the ones I relate to.  Together we can travel this road in the new freedom we have in our lives. Lets try new things, lets explore, lets test our boundaries.  Lets do it together!



In this article Melissa from The Polka Dot Chair gives a tutorial on making a protective pouch for your phone.  I think it would be great for a trip to the beach or pool.  Check her Assessories to Make menu.


I’ve had this recipe around, meaning to try it for sometime.  I’m hoping it will taste like the lemon pound cake at Starbucks.  Going to be meeting up with some friends tomorrow on the beach for the eclipse.  I may make this and will report back on how it tastes.   In our neck of the woods the event may be a foggy, pitch black dark day. However, being on the beach at the only eclipse to sweep across the USA since 1918, makes me very excited.  .

I leave you with this cute cartoon my daughter Victoria sent me yesterday.

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  1. Very nice & being a “beginner” is fun, frustrating & fulfilling with encouraging friends,.no matter whether what the new endeavor… 🙂🙂

  2. I just found your Blog and have enjoyed reading it. I too live in Oregon and garden. I am back to quilting after thirty years. As a widow it is at helping me with the long evenings alone.

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