How to Manage Your Digital Photos

An enhanced photo I took. I zoomed in on the bird and highlighted it so that the image in the water seems almost as clear as the bird itself.

I’m not a professional photographer but I do know a lot about taking, editing and saving photos.  When we were traveling full time for three years we took thousands of photos.  I had a blog, mainly as a travel journal for Bruce and me, but its available on line to view at

I got very good at editing photos on my MacBook but also learned Lightroom, which gives you more options and effects.  I’ve yet to venture into Photoshop but I have it downloaded.  They are both available from Adobe for under $10.00 a month.  I highly recommend Lightroom for anybody who wants to optimize the beauty of the photographs they take.  I purchased an online book from Amazon called Adobe Lightroom  6 CC Video Book: Training for Photographers by Tony Northrup. The Kindle version is $9.99 and after registering with the author you have access to all the videos backing up the book and a Facebook help page.

There are also many online forums and classes on Lightroom and Adobe has great help and how-to videos.  Other than editing your photos, Lightroom has an amazing catalog for your pictures.  Its detailed and easy to use once you  get acquainted with it.  This is something I need to get back into.  Its easy to upload your pictures, but time consuming to catalog them, even with the best system.

Some of the best pictures we’ve taken have been with our phones.  Bruce took this one.

Grand Teton National Park

Before you send a photo you’ve taken on your phone do a quick edit.  I always crop and level my pictures and it usually helps to lighten them and up the color a little.  I play with the shadow adjustment too if part of my photo is in shadow.  If you need help with this check this website (for iPhone)

I’m working on the June square for the Leah Days Block Party quilt.

Its another Dresden Plate.  I pieced the plate and edged it with a very narrow buttonhole stitch.


A new technique I’m using is burying the beginning and ending threads.  I was cheating and doing a small backstitch but decided it was time to do it right.  You put the threads on a needle, tie a knot close to the fabric and move the needle between the fabrics. exit and pull the knot into the fabric.

Next I’ll talk about saving your photos and keeping them safe.

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