Tackling My Janet Fogg Quilt

This is Red.  He adopted us when he was about 8 years old according to the vet’s estimation.  He honored us with his regal presence for another 14 years.  He was well over 20 when he passed.

My quilt guild offered a workshop hosted by Janet Fogg earlier this year.  We were given a choice of quilt kits to make as part of the registration fee.  I chose Leo the Lion, as his eyes and mane reminded me of my precious Red.

A friend who went to the workshop too came over today.  We’re going to try and get together every Thursday morning to work on our quilt kits together.  Janet’s written instructions are good, but I would encourage anybody who can take a workshop with her to do so.  For one thing she brings some of her full sized quilts which are some of the most creative quilts I’ve ever seen. She’s a very good teacher.  She teaches her own method of appliqué, which is a different from the usual needle turn method.  I’ve never done appliqué and I find her way of doing it fairly easy.  I’ll probably stick with it on other projects.  I finished a few sections in class and Janet helped me with one of the lion’s eyes.  I just hope my other eye matches the first one!  Her website has her schedule of workshops and quilt kits.


I was a bit lost when I first dug in today, but I got a section done.  After Lorna went home I decided I needed to organize the kit before going any further.  So many of the fabrics are similar it would be easy to mix them up. You don’t cut the fabrics all at once.  You only cut enough for each section you’re working on.

Since this is a small project I was able to put the pieces in a binder.

I made pockets for the completed pieces of each section.
I put each of the fabrics in its own pocket so they are labeled and sorted.

I feel I’m ready to get going now on this quilt.  I won’t have to sort through fabrics to find the right ones and I won’t have my completed sections all over the place.

Here’s another photo of Red. I was crocheting an afghan and he sat down in the midst of it.

Pets.  They love us no matter what.  Totally, completely and no strings attached.  Our lives are better with them and because of them.  My Red Man was one of the best!

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