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Elbow Grease & Guacamole

This is pretty much how I spent my Friday.  Other than this I was soaking in the tub then taking a nap before I made dinner.  Things could be much worse.  We could be doing this in Pleasanton, California where we used to live.  The average August day is close to 100 degrees and on top of our deck it was 10 degrees more than that.  We scrubbed and stained that deck every year for 28 years.  I wasn’t wearing long pants and two shirts back then.  Working is much easier in this cooler climate for sure.  I guess we’re suckers for houses with wooden decks.  Our new house has three.

2 decks in the front.
Another one in the back

A lot of upkeep but we also wake up every morning with this view.

The sound of the ocean is constant background music.  Soothing.  Never ending.

The beach is only three blocks away.

I’m a lucky, lucky lady.

Holy Guacamole Mavis Wanczyk!

One other lucky lady is Mavis Wanczyk, the gal who won the Powerball jackpot.  $758,000,000!!!  I love this story.  She’s a single 53 year-old mother of two.  She was just an average, middle aged, hard working woman and she won the jackpot to end all jackpots.  When she was asked by reporters if she was going to buy a new car she said that no, she recently bought a new car and is paying it off.  Guess she won’t have trouble doing that now!

My Guacamole Live

I make pretty good guacamole.  There’s a restaurant we used to go in Dublin, California called On the Border.  They made the guacamole at your table.  It’s called Guacamole Live.  This is my version.

Mash two large, firm avocados.
Finely chop 1/3 large tomato
Add 2 T finely chopped white onion, 1 jalapeño pepper with seeds removed and very finely chopped, 1 T finely chopped cilantro and the juice of 1 lime.
Add salt to taste. Gently mix. Don’t get carried away and think you will do in the food processor. The red tomato and green avocado will make brown guacamole. Tastes good. Looks horrible!

Now this is why I’m talking about guacamole.  I ordered this new gadget that I saw online.  Its called guac-lock.  It has an elevator chamber that pushes all the air out of the container so the guac stays green and fresh.

It has three pieces, the bowl with the push-up bottom, the base and the lock tight top.

So I made the guacamole and put it in the bowl.

Put on the top, sealed it and pushed the base up until the dip was hitting the lid. All the air was out.
This was the left over guac tonight. 1-1/2 days after I made it. A little brown, but definitely ok to serve and it tasted fine. No over-ripe avocado taste.

A good buy if you like to make fresh guacamole and hate the brown leftovers.

I’ll leave you with a beautiful Oregon Coast sunset.  Hope your Saturday is spent doing what you want to do, not just what you need to do!

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2 thoughts on “Elbow Grease & Guacamole

  1. I too have left the hot temperatures behind. Los Banos is over 100 degrees most of the summer, and I just couldn’t take the heat, so I moved to Tumwater, WA. It’s going to be upper 80s/low 90s this week but it doesn’t last on and on and on like in central California. Better enjoy the guac now because I heard the harvest this year is bad so prices are going up. I love to read your blog.

    1. I’m so glad you like my blog! I didn’t know that about the avocados. It’s hard finding good ones up here & they’re kinda pricey. Hate to see them get even more expensive! Keep in touch!

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