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When I’m writing this its still National Dog Day so I’m going to put in a few photos of my little guy.

First though I’ll do what I’m supposed to do on Blog Lore day.  I’ll post a few blogs I found interesting this week.


The English Garden

I just may have to subscribe to this magazine. I’m getting their email newsletter.   The photos are beautiful!!  Please check this one out.


Mason Jar Soap Dispenser. These would make nice presents

The Cottage Mama


The Inbox Jaunt by Lori Kennedy is one of the best blogs I’ve found for free motion quilting.  She has very good tutorials and many, many, many designs.

Harley’s Sweaters

I wrote two crochet dog sweater patterns for Harley.  I have instructions too for making them for bigger or smaller dogs.  They’re on my other site, Sewing My Way Through the USA.  I’m planning on consolidating the two sites but need to get some advice so I don’t mess things up.  So coming soon, I hope.

The first sweater I made for him is this one.

The pattern is at

The other one is his African Flower Sweater.  This one has been very popular.

The link is:

I’ve got two other favorite pictures of my little weiner dog that I dug out of my files.

Best buddies
My All Time Favorite!

Remember: Sunday is a day to recharge.  To some of us that means shopping.  To others it means hiking or sewing, Still others love to spend their quiet day reading a book or gardening.   For some (such as Bruce) it means MLB or (second best) NFL. For me it means: No Working on the Deck today!  Yeah!!  We’ll get back to it on Monday.

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