Quilting · Waldport


I did a lot of sewing today.  I pieced the July block so I’m getting caught up.  These squares take some time.  There were many small pieces to cut for this square and the piecing took me all day.  Now I have to trace the quilting design which will be intricate and then quilt the square which takes at least a day.  This quilt has taught me a lot about the need for accuracy when cutting and sewing and its helped me get started with free motion quilting.  I’m not sure I’ll make another quilt as you go type quilt but its good way to get started with the entire quilt making process.

I used a foam board to pin pieces in place before stitching.  This seems to be the easiest way for me to keep track of so many little pieces.

We may be able to stain the two decks tomorrow.  Bruce has a meter that gives the percentage of moisture in the wood.  If its 15% or less we can get on with the job.  Really hope it is so we can have this deck project finished!

Since I didn’t have anything else going today I thought I revisit my stash of photos.

Rain Forest in Olympic National Park
Dusk near Long Beach, Washington

The images of Houston were on every channel we turned to today.  I found this poem online which was written by an anonymous  person:

Weathering the Storm

Huddling on the cold, dark street
Heavy winds against my face beat
Dark clouds began to take their form
I stood there weathering the storm

Neighbor helping neighbor.  Thats the story in Texas today.  Love reigns and together they are weathering the storm!