My Backyard Sanctuary

It rained last night.  I came outside this morning to let Harley out and saw a beautiful thing.

The back deck which is the only one with stain so far beaded the water up! No absorption into the wood!

I decided to get my camera, then decided to get some pictures of the yard.  Nothing is more lovely to me than flowers right after a rain.

I”ve tried since the spring to get these nasturtiums going. They have enormous leaves but until now no flowers.

I remember my mom telling me that nasty’s need crummy dirt. These probably got Miracle Grow dirt. She did know her flowers!
The fuchsias love this climate.

The hummingbirds love the fuchsias. This Anna’s Hummer is guarding them, as well as the feeders.

The common geraniums don’t look common in this moist air.

Not everything grows well here and if they do like it they grow very slowly. My Shasta Daisys are stunted. I have hopes they will be better next spring.
I planted this White Sage in May or June and its just starting to grow.
These are plants I’m rooting or rescued from next to the road. They are thriving and will be ready to go in the ground soon. Things will root easily here and the native plants take off.
Every morning I put out seeds and nuts for the big birds and other critters. By noon its all gone.
I decided to hang around and photograph the parade that we watch from the house each morning. This chipmunk was my first customer. Look at those stuffed cheeks!
This crow was perched on top of the house, waiting for me to leave.
Here’s the hummer seeing if the dry food turned into nectar last night.
My favorite guy is the bunny. We actually have two. We’ve never seen them eat together though.
The crows are never happy to stay in one place. This guy has been gaining on the bunny who ignored him. He eventually went around the bunny and on down the food line.
Mutt & Jeff
The chickadees flit over the yard all day. They are sociable little guys and don’t seem afraid of us. Sometimes they move so fast I think they are hummingbirds. We have lots of them.


Here’s our Dum-Dum Dove. There used to be two but something must have happened to the other one. They are the only birds that announce their arrival. Lots of vocals. Maybe thats why they get caught. Large body, small brain.
Here’s our ground squirrel emerging from his hole.
When he first started eating he was skinny and had a bald spot on top. Now he’s sleek and beautiful. He’s getting his winter coat on.
For some reason the scrub jays wouldn’t let me get a decent picture this morning. This guy had grabbed a morsel and headed to the bushes to eat it.
Out the other side of the house, at the end of the day I took this photo.

I hope you find a little beauty in the nature around you today!

4 thoughts on “My Backyard Sanctuary

  1. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing. Oh to live someplace where squirrels are rare visitors rather than abundant pests as they are here in Kansas!

    1. I’ve heard bad stories about these guys too! They can get under the house and destroy all kinds of things or under the eves and go to town in the attic too. So far we just have this one guy. Maybe if I keep him fed he’ll leave the house alone. So wonderful to talk to you!. Please keep in touch!!

  2. Lovely photos! Your fuchias look like two that I had at Mother’s house years ago…
    Thank you for sharing your morning visitors!

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