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Thursday Sewing

I worked today on my Janet Fogg quilt with Lorna.  I’m doing Leo the Lion and Lorna is doing Seymour the Turtle.   I have that kit too but I’m SO glad I started with Leo.  Mine has only a few appliqué pieces, while the turtle has many small pieces.    I’ve finished the first 5 sections.  I haven’t put them together yet but placed them together for the above photo.  Its cool to see it come together.

This photo shows how easy to read these patterns are. Each section has a full sized template. You can lay the fabric on the pattern to be sure you are keeping things straight and the right size.
The kits come with lightweight fusible interfacing, the type used mainly in sewing garments.  The method Janet teaches is to lie the interfacing bumpy side up on the pattern and trace it.


You then cut the interfacing out.


You place the interfacing on the fabric, leaving at least 1/4″ around the edges.


You iron the interfacing on the fabric.  I’ve used this type of interfacing since high school when I began making my own clothes.  I’ve always used a wet cloth on the interfacing, then applied the iron to fuse the interfacing to the fabric.


Then you simply add 1/4″ over the sides of the interfacing and cut the fabric with a rotary cutter or if its curved, with scissors.

I bought this book at least a month ago.  I’ve always wanted to learn lettering and this one looked interesting when I read the reviews on Amazon.

I thought if I talked about it here it would force me to get going with the book.  The author, Amy Latta has a nice approach to lettering.  She believes it should be a calming, relaxing time of doing something for yourself that you are interested in learning.  She constructed the book for you to do the actual lettering in the book, but I got a separate notebook to work in.

This is the first page I’ve done.  She calls this faux calligraphy.

I was writing the word time, not tine, but I swear my “m’s”  fool even me!  I think though I’m going to like her method.  It seems an easy, low-key way to learn a new skill.

Tomorrow we really are going to be able to stain the two front decks (we think).   By late afternoon today it was dry enough from the rain we had yesterday.  Unless its raining or gale force winds we are doing it!   If this sounds like its taking forever to get done, it is!

Try learning a new skill if you’re not doing anything else this weekend.  I know there’s got to be one you’ve had in mind to try!

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