Looking out the front door.

i’ve talked so much about the decks that I need to show them off a little.  They’re done with a few exceptions we’ll take care of on Sunday.  The weather is supposed to hold for the next couple of days.   Today was beautiful, like we custom ordered it for staining.  We got through it but we’re both exhausted.  Bruce offered to take me out for a bite but I said we were both too tired.  We had mac & cheese with tuna and peas mixed in.  Boring and easy.

Upper deck that runs along side the bedrooms upstairs.

I didn’t have the concentration to sew tonight but I did work on lettering for about an hour.  I looked through the book, then went to Amy’s website which is called One Artsy Mama.



This is Amy’s book I’m working through

I was feeling a little frustrated because I didn’t think she was going to go through the whole alphabet.  I don’t think it hurts to write random words or sentences but I’d like to learn the entire alphabet with this lettering she calls faux calligraphy.  Later in the book she does cover different letters and groups them by letter shapes.  She also has quite a bit on the website.  She doesn’t call the alphabet online “faux calligraphy”, nor does she spell this out later in the book.  I find this a little confusing.  Still, I’m a -Start at the Beginning and work through to the Ending- kinda girl so that’s what I plan to do with this book.  I’m just copying her lettering right now anyway.  I have to say I don’t think I’ve written a cursive lower case “k” since grade school.  Took a little practice, but it came back.

Here are the practice sheets I did tonight.

Then she takes you into some doodling.  Now this may sound strange but I’m 62 years old and I’ve never tried this kind of art work.  I think somewhere in the recesses of my mind I decided I couldn’t draw so I never tried.  I’ve bought countless crayons, paints and markers for my kids and the kids I taught but never have I used them myself to just mess around with.  It is fun!!  The lettering is like learning free motion quilting, not terribly fun at first because you are learning new motor skills.  But the drawing was a new experience for me and I liked doing it.  I think it looks pretty decent too.  Yes, I’m copying something out of a book but that’s ok with me at this point in time.

Well they say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks but I say if the old dog is interested in learning the trick he’ll get it.  He’s just selective about the tricks he wants to learn.  Even if you’re not an old dog find a new trick for yourself.  It could be beading, painting, crocheting, knitting, sewing clothes, quilting.  If its not a craft it might be yoga, ballroom dancing or learning to use that digital camera that’s sitting on the shelf.   Try it. If you don’t like it you can move on.

I’m hanging out with my buddy Bev tomorrow.  She’s got some garage sales she’s scouted out.  We plan on going up to Lincoln City sometime this week to go through the antique shops there too.  She has a decorating flare.  Her house is beautiful.  Honestly it could be in Sunset Magazine or better yet Coastal Living.    I learn a lot from her and just enjoy her company.  Looking forward to tomorrow.  Hope your Saturday is spent with somebody you enjoy or just doing something you enjoy.  Have a good one!

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