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This 1940’s depiction of Carmel, CA is an authenticated Thomas Kinkaid framed print that I found in a local thrift shop for $100.00.

Thrifty Finds

Labor Day weekend and garage sales go together.  I spent a very enjoyable Saturday with my neighbor and friend Bev going from sale to sale.  I thought it might be interesting to do a run down of second hand items I’ve bought since we moved here in December.  I basically had to start from scratch when we bought the house because we sold everything except family keepsakes when we moved into our fifth wheel.  Being a small rural community, there are still very good bargains to be found at low prices.

Got these 3 pots for $3.50 today.


Desk organizer
Glasses holder




5 yards of new flannel for $2.00
Corner table which was freshly painted $20.00
Jewel Tea bowls. Love these. My mom’s identical set is still packed away in a box in the rafters in the garage. When I spotted them I decided I could always use two sets.
Hand painted pitcher from Portugal $10.00

Craftsy Classes

There’s been a lot of advertising online, but if you haven’t heard: you can watch as many Craftsy classes as you want for free on Labor Day.  I’m hoping to have a marathon day!


Sunday Links

Home Talk

Home Talk is a huge website of ideas that goes on and on and on.   From home decor to sewing and gardening its a great website to check out.  I’m probably way behind on this one but I just discovered it last week.


No Bake Lemon Icebox Pie

If you need a quick dessert to take to an event this weekend here’s a tasty, easy pie that won’t heat the kitchen.  Its on the Betty Crocker website.  I haven’t tried but saved it on Pinterest.


Christmas Presents

If you like to crochet and want to get ahead with your Christmas gift making I wrote a nice pattern for slippers.  These are great because they are double padded on the sole.

Hugs and Cushies Slippers

Its very smoky here due to all the fires.  Oddly enough this makes for very pretty sunsets and the moon had a red glow tonight as well.  Hope you are enjoying the weekend that signals the end of summer. I still remember that first day of school anticipation.  New clothes, new binder, new teacher, seeing old friends and getting to know new ones. Good memories!

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