Jumping In

This was a photo of the sky today.  I didn’t touch it up at all.  You can vaguely see clouds drifting by the sun, but the smoke almost obscured everything.

This was a reflection of the sun in the water this afternoon.

I spent the morning with the current editor of the newsletter for my quilting guild.  Its called The Fat Quarter News.  There’s a lot for me to learn and but I she seems patient and willing to hold my hand until I get the hang of doing it.  I’ve never worked in a publishing program before.  She has a Mac like I do and uses a program called iStudio Publisher.  It seems like a fairly uncomplicated program, but I’m sure it will take a lot of my time at first.  If you’re curious about the newsletter here’s the link.  There are many, many gorgeous quilts in the September issue because it covered the Quilt Show.


This link will allow you to click on past issues as well.

Oregon has so many fires right now.  The one north of us is called The Indian Creek Fire.  It started in July but has spread down into the Columbia River Gorge.  Monday night it jumped the Columbia River and began burning on the Washington side of the river as well.  This, along with the Chetco Bar Fire in southern Oregon near Brookings is causing the midcoast where we live to have terrible smoke.  Usually people inland can come here to escape the smoke from fires but we’re in the thick of it right now.

I took a picture of the sunset from the deck on my house tonight.  Its very eerie and beautiful in a strange kind of way.

Mother Theresa said, “Do small things with great love.”  Hope you find love in your small things today.

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