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Don’t Look Back

I needed this little saying this week.  Its been a week for making tough decisions and this little book on hand lettering was really helpful.  Who would have thunk??

I didn’t expect to like lettering or drawing as much as I do.  I look forward to the hour or so while we watch the late shows and I work through this book.  I also didn’t expect the inspirational aspect of Amy’s narrative to make such a difference for me.  I haven’t worked on my blog for a few days because I was a bit ego bruised and needed a some recovery time.  In my last post I talked about taking over the newsletter for my quilting guild.  I talked again with the current editor about the realities of the job.  This is a job with no safety net.  There’s no down time allowed for illness, etc. as you are the only person who understands the program.  Also, it was up to the current editor to find her own replacement after she had served faithfully for several years.  So…. I had some fitful nights of worry.  I got several opinions on the subject from friends plus Bruce’s input and eventually came to the decision that this is not a job I’m prepared to commit to. It would mean a minimum of a full week’s work each month plus meetings, phone calls, etc.  I’m retired and I’m not looking for another job.  A small volunteer job yes, a huge commitment no.

I struggled with a feeling of guilt because I gave the editor a few days of relief that she had found a replacement only to find out I’d had a change of heart, and relief that I didn’t take on this HUGE volunteer job.  In spite of my decision the current editor is quitting completely in January.  I’m glad she is taking care of herself as well.  Amy’s little inspirational sayings helped to get me back into a better frame of thinking.

Sometimes the right book comes along just when you need it.  Amy Latta’s Hand Lettering for Relaxation has been that book for me.  I hope you’ll check it out if you have an interest in lettering.

Frixion Pens

I usually do a run down on Sunday of helpful blogs or articles I’ve found during the week.  My friend Judy who is a quilter found the most important one I’ve read all week.   If you have been using Frixion pens for marking your quilts, then you need to check out this blog.  The Frixion Pen was just too good to be true.  A pen that you could mark with, stitch on, then iron off.  I’ve used it on every quilt top I’ve made.  No more.  I hope my quilts don’t end up in a cold car someday.  According to the blog, cold brings the pen markings out again.

No Bake Lemon Icebox Pie

Last week, I gave the link for an Icebox Lemon Pie.  I made it Thursday morning and took it to the monthly Ladies Luncheon I attend.  It was delicious and couldn’t be easier.  It only needs to refrigerate for 4-5 hours before serving so its perfect to make in the morning for an easy desert.  I used a pre-made pie crust for the first time in my life and although it wasn’t as good as homemade it wasn’t bad.


As an experiment I wrote the blog every day for an entire month.  Most days I have something interesting to write about, but some days I’m aware of what a boring day I’ve had.  So in the future I’ll write when I feel I have something substantial to write about.  Thank you for reading!

I’ve been working on my Janet Fogg quilt “Leo.”

I leave you with

Leo Looking’ At You Kid

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