Quilting a Mystery

Outside Pirates Booty in Newport, OR

I neglected my blog for several months over the fall and early winter so I’m putting some of those photos in now and in future posts.  Victoria (Vicky to me for evermore) visited us in early November.  We only had a few days but tried to cram a lot of sightseeing in.

Lincoln City, OR

Leah Day’s Quilting Party, 2018

I’ve been working on the Log Cabin quilt that’s part of Leah Day’s Quilting Party, 2018.  So far I’ve finished 1-1/2 rounds.

The center is two green fabrics and the outside rounds will be neutral scrappy fabrics beginning with cream.

This quilt along is moving too fast for me but other than that its typical Leah Day.  The book and videos are Informative, clear and helpful.  The accompanying book is well worth the money as a quilting resource on walking foot quilting.  I don’t know why she feels compelled to move at warp speed on this one but the videos are always online so if I can’t keep up its ok.

Murder Mystery Quilt

Now on to The Murder Mystery Quilt.  At this point I can’t recommend this quilt along but it’s only the first month and I want to give it a fair chance.  For one thing it seemed to get going late in the month.  I bought my fabrics and waited.  On January 9th we were given the 1st chapter in the book, which I must say is very well written. The book opens by introducing us to two men who were part of the original Jamestown settlement, then moves to present day and we meet Kitty Campbell, a leading archeologist on a dig in Jamestown. The end of the chapter finds Kitty confronted with her first clue that something isn’t right in Jamestown.  One of her students has uncovered a tooth that contains a filling and still has blood on it.  Definitely not a tooth from the 1600’s.  I’m intrigued!

Now to making my first square.  The quilt will supposedly provide clues on solving a murder soon to be exposed in the book.  Once the square is completed you receive an additional clue if you post a photo of it on Facebook.I downloaded the directions for the first square from an email link and read it through.  Then I read it through again and again.  The directions didn’t make sense!  Finally I posted a question on Facebook about it and soon people assured me that I wasn’t going crazy, these instructions were wrong.  They instructed me to go to the website and download the directions again from there.  At this point an email should have been generated to alert people to this error, but ok…nobody’s perfect.  I downloaded the square the second time but evidently its not 100% correct, as people have made comments on Facebook with tips.  I plan to reading them all today and making my first square.

Next, I received an email this morning asking me to cancel my subscription and re-subscribe as there was a billing glitch.  The author did provide a detailed video on why and how to update our accounts but this was problem #2.  Since her writing skill are promising, I’m going to continue on with the quilt, at least for now.  One person who made the 2017 quilt said she waited until people had worked out the pattern bugs each month before making hers.  So it sounds like there may be more errors in the future….not good.

The Doggy Quilt

I took my doggy quilt to my friend’s house and she basted it for me on her long arm.  I was upset with myself because the borders aren’t tight enough and bunched up when she stitched over them.  I’m hoping I can make adjustments on it as I go but I may end up redoing them.

Here are some closeups of the blocks.

Here are a couple of photos of the basted quilt.  Thank you Lorna!!

My friend basted this in a little over an hour. It would have taken at least a day to pin baste, probably more.
Puckers…Oh No!

New Fabric Edge Prep

I’ve found its worth taking the time to stitch around the edge of new fabrics before pre-washing.  If i don’t I’m left with a tangle of threads that have to be cut off before drying the fabrics and I lose about 1/2″ all around as well.  I confess sometimes its just too much trouble to stitch the edges but I’m happier when I do.

Tangled mess after pre-washing
Less fraying after stitching.

I know there are two schools of thought on pre-washing but I prefer knowing what’s going to happen with my fabrics so I separate colors from lights and pre-wash in hot water.  I put a white washcloth in so I know if the fabrics are going to bleed.  If they do I wash again and again until no dye is left in the washcloth.

The surf is crazy high today, we’ve been warned by the weather service to stay clear of the beach but one person was swept away north of us at Depot Bay.  I prefer my snug little sanctuary with my sewing machine and cat.  I love a reason to stay inside and sew!!!  Till next time!


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  1. Nice to see you writing again. Always fun to read! However, I dont remember that sewing room being quite a tidy…..Lol

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