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Earth Tones

Yaquina Bay Bridge, Newport, OR

Leah Day Log Cabin Quilt

My log cabin quilt is in earth tones.  Never thought about it much, but now I see neutrals everywhere.

The grays and blacks of an Oregon winter day.

The russet browns of a little squirrel munching on sunflower seeds.

The camouflage of a Northwest Salamander slowing inching his way across the back yard.

And the beautiful patterning on a Flicker’s chest which offsets the subtle reddish tint to his face.

I’m into the fourth color piecing this quilt.

Haven’t cemented the placement but the colors seem to be meshing.  The next round I add grays.

I was making so many mistakes that I had to make myself a cheat sheet.  You wouldn’t think it would be difficult but the comments other people have put up on Facebook agree with this.  People had been posting their ideas of staying on track.  I came up with this solution for myself.

Following this graph, I only had to rip out one seam of the browns I pieced yesterday.

Murder Mystery Quilt

This is the January square on the Murder Mystery Quilt.  Doesn’t look like much, but it was tough to line up the points, as she had you assemble it in a really complicated way.  I’m not at all happy with the points, but I made it work.  I ironed it into submission and it turned out to be 12.5″ so I’m not redoing it.

The people on the Facebook page are extremely helpful. This is a hint I took a screen shot of.  One of many.  This is the best part of a quilt along.  You get to know others and get their feedback and help.  So far I’m sticking with this quilt.  I imagine I’ll finish it.


Just a plug for one of my favorite tools.  Its a ball point stiletto made by Clover.  I use it for getting into tight places to make a corner clean and for holding down seams to keep them from moving when I piece.  Because of the ball point it doesn’t puncture through the fabric like a pointed stiletto would.

The ball point helps to get into corners without puncturing the fabric, like in this microwave bowl holder I made.

Here’s another item I bought that I don’t find quite as helpful.  Its nonslip backing for quilting rulers.  Its easy to apply but doesn’t work as well as the few rulers I have with the truly nonstick backs.  In time I’ll replace all my rulers, but in the meantime this backing is somewhat helpful.

I leave you with remembrances of a fall day in the Siuslaw National Forest.

and the promise of spring with the first signs of life from the bulbs I planted last October.

Take time to love your Mother Earth today.

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