Log Cabin Fever

Leah Day Log Cabin Quilt

I finished piecing the squares for my Log Cabin quilt.  I used all neutrals except for the center and outer edge of the corners.  I’ve spotted and fixed two mistakes, some may show in this photo.  I have it on the living room floor and I’ll take a good look at placement tomorrow morning before I stitch it together.

This is the first Log Cabin I’ve made and also the first scrappy quilt I’ve completed.  I quickly learned that precision is very important when stitching so many pieces together.  I began checking the size of the growing square after every seam.  If it was off I corrected it by trimming sides or adjusting seam allowances.  This photo shows the reverse side of a square.  Leah Day believes in using a very small stitch length and ironing the seams open.  I prefer this method, although I do iron the seams to one side or another at other times as traditional quilters do.  I took a class from Janet Fogg and she also irons her seams open.  I wonder if this comes from a background in garment making.  Janet Fogg was like me, she started sewing clothes long before quilts.

Preshrinking Without Frayed Raw Edges

The other day I mentioned that I like to stitch the raw edges of my fabrics before preshrinking them.  Today I tried something new.  I pinned the raw edges under before washing and it worked like a charm.

Its hard to see the safety pin on this busy fabric, but I turned the raw edge under (like a hem) and pinned it before washing.


This shows the raw edge after washing and drying. I removed the safety pinned hem and had no rats nest of fraying threads.

Such an easy fix!  This fabric is for the back of the log cabin quilt.

Machine Flange Binding

I took a class on machine binding a couple of weeks ago.  This is a great binding for a functional quilt.  It has a flange that peeks out of the outer binding. I don’t think I’d use this on every quilt but it provides a little something extra from the usual simple edging and its a fast, easy, sturdy binding.

Reverse side

You can find a good tutorial for this binding here:


If you look on Pinterest, search Flanged Binding.

Cutting down Oversized Trianges & Square

I had a rough time cutting down the four center squares for The Murder Mystery quilt.  They turned out a bit uneven.

On the Facebook page one person recommended this quilt ruler.  I bought it so I’m ready for the next square or triangle I’ve got to cut down.  It comes with directions and was under $10.00.  I hope it helps!

Utah 2017 Trip

I still have many photos from our trip to Utah last September.  I’m going to start posting some them.

Seal Rock, Oregon

The weather has been wet and stormy here on the central Oregon Coast.  I went on a shopping trip with a friend up to Lincoln City early this week.  This was taken on our ride home.

Hope you’re staying busy.  Winter is crafting season.  I’m sure enjoying it!

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