Seam Ripper Woes

This is a small quilt made by a friend, Twy, who rescued the original quilt from someone who was going to cut it up. The original quilt is tattered and is probably from before the turn of the century. She lovingly copied the quilt and painstakingly hand pieced and hand quilted this reproduction. The lady who Twy bought it from had bought it at a garage sale for $10. Twy offered her $20 for it.

Friday I went to the Willamette Valley Quilt Show with three very talented ladies.  It was a small quilt show because it was the first one Willamette Valley has sponsored.  There were some beauties even so.

Elephants seemed popular.

Judy Niemeyer Quilts were as always popular.

This detailed photo shows the intricate quilting Karen did on this quilt which she completely pieced and quilted on her domestic machine.

Some of the more original ones I appreciate.

Sun Printing. Something I’d like to try sometime.

When first looking at this I thought it must be of things the artist liked. Her explanation confirmed this. They are childhood memories.
I’d like to do a modern quilt such as this and have a lot of white space for quilting.
Another of Twy’s quilts. This is a “Dear Jane Quilt”, which she pieced and quilted by hand. Note the scalloped edges. Amazing!

Lorna Myer’s Seahorse. Lovely quilting!

Google+ offered me this video of photos I took of these quilts.  https://photos.app.goo.gl/mK1wsPt2T9RMxtZX2

With these quilts in mind, I’m hoping to get my dog quilt judged next summer.  Thus the name of this blog post.  There’s a limit to aiming for perfection, at least there is for me.  However its hard when you’re whole focus is on one small area in a quilt.  I ripped so much small stippling out yesterday that my hand was aching last night.  I still have to settle for less than what I wish it were.  Perfection is actually impossible and I know it.  Still, I want to excel.  AHHHHH!!!

Small stippling.
I’m happy with this stitching.
This is coming out tonight. Its off center and crooked.

I am liking the motifs I came up with though.

“Milk Bones”
Dog Prints

Well, got to run.  My knitting group meets at 1:30 on Monday.  I’ve got a new “student” whom I’m teaching to crochet.  If there are mistakes in this post I don’t have time to reread again.  Perfection loses again to the realities of life.

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