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Weight Watchers 2018

Hungry winter visitor outside the kitchen window.

I went back on Weight Watchers right before Thanksgiving.  They completely revamped the program in early December and I have to say its working for me.  I’ve lost a little over 7 pounds and I really haven’t been exercising much.  I have good intentions but get side tracked easily.

On the new program you still count points but not on beans, eggs, chicken or turkey breast.  You’re allowed all the nonfat greek yogurt you want, as well as corn, most veggies and fruits.  The idea is that high protein foods stay with you longer.  I’m sure I could lose faster if I never cheated, but I’m finding that if I follow the plan most of the time I’m slowly dropping the extra 10 pounds I’ve put on in the past five years or so.  The Weight Watcher app and website are very good now.  There’s no need to think about looking anywhere else for recipes.

However, since I’m back living in a house (and not the trailer) I’ve begun collecting my old favorite cookbooks when I run across them in second hand stores.  I was a fan of Jane Brody back in the 80’s and 90’s and pretty much raised my family on her recipes. Meredith has all of my old cookbooks but I recently found this one and have been reuniting myself with Ms. Brody.  Im finding that what was good for you then, is still good for you now.  I love beans and many of her recipes rely on beans as a staple.

I threw together a split pea soup this morning for myself.  If I keep a low points soup in the fridge I can grab a cup of that instead of crackers or cookies to fill myself up when I’m hungry.

Instant Pot Split Pea Soup

Simply put a chopped onion, 2 chopped carrots, 2 chopped stalks celery and a couple of chopped slices of deli ham in the Instant Pot.  Saute in 1T olive oil.  Add 2 cups split peas and 4 cups chicken broth.  Set Instant Pot to Chili/Beans setting and come back in 30 minutes.  Soup is done.  Perfect for a winter lunch or dinner.

The Instant Pot is wonderful!  I was on the fence for months about buying one but its my most used appliance now.

The view outside my window right now.

I’m looking out at this beautiful scene right now and think I’ll get up and head down there for a walk.  I’ll take the car even though its only a few blocks because Harley drags his foot on the pavement but does well on the hard sand.  Speaking of my little boy this is a video Bruce took this afternoon of him celebrating the newly cut grass in the backyard.  For a dog who had back surgery in November he looks pretty chipper! Just click on the link.


Took this last night of a crabbing boat at sunset.  Its so good to see them out!  The season started late and they’re out there night and day.

God Bless and protect these brave, hard working men!

4 thoughts on “Weight Watchers 2018

  1. Ive been thinking of checking out WW again, since I fell off the wagon, in a major way in AZ. Are you doing the WW freestyle? The low carb diet is hard to do in social situations……

    1. Yes. I’m on Freestyle. I find it much easier than anything else because of the new structure. You can eat anything but need to count the points (as always). However, with the new foods that you no longer need to keep track of its very doable. Also you can carry-over up to 4 pts a day. You do lose those pts and start all over again at the beginning of each week.

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