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They Lied when They Said Stippling is Fun and Easy!

I have a confession that only a quilter will understand.  I don’t like stippling!!  When I start a row I’m sure I’m going to cross over another area (a big No No) or work my way into a corner and not be able to get out.  There are countless videos out on how to Stipple and they all make it look easy. The teachers calmly talk as they sew perfect curves and dip into blank areas and out again with ease.  They never accidentally angle a turn and they never, ever cross over another row of stitching or end up in a corner.

That being said (and vented) my large stippling is coming along.

My small stippling varies in size and consistency.

I’m using small stippling in the bright orange blocks because stitching densely causes an area to recede into the background, something I badly need to do with this orange.  Here’s a photo of the area, hopefully the orange is a little toned down by the small, dense stitching.

The back side is easier to see.  I’ve been experimenting with different ways to start and stop.  I’m trying to avoid having to thread the ends into a needle and tuck into the batting, but I may have to.  I’ve been beginning and ending with tiny sideways stitching but it does show somewhat, even though I can’t feel a knot when running my finger over the area.  If I can’t perfect this technique I’ll have to change to the thread the needle method.

We went out to Heceta Head Lighthouse today.  (Pronounced Ha-See-Ta)  The weather was in the 50’s but it was very clear and sunny.  We don’t always get sunny weather but when we do there is no place more beautiful.  Most of my photos turned out washed out looking because I took them into the sun.  I wanted to show the shimmering water but the camera couldn’t deal with the intense light.    I did manage to get a few good ones.

I took this video on my phone.

Winter’s not over yet, but today was a reminder that spring really is just around the corner.

4 thoughts on “Hurdles

    1. Me too!! Piecing is fun. I can’t afford to pay someone to quilt very many for me so I’m learning to do them myself. A big quilt isn’t easy but I try to just look at what’s in front of me and ignore the rest.

  1. I thought the stitching was looking pretty darn good. I can see an improvement, from what you were doing this summer…..Soooooo quit being so hard on yourself. Also the pics are beautiful!

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